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Happy Spring 2014, nutrient workshops coming soon!

Upcoming Event!

Lake Erie Land and Water Workshop - Clarifying the Urban Land-Eutrophication Linkage
Friday, April 25, 2014 - The Upper Thames River Conservation Authority, London, ON
LEMN Research Needs Workshop 4.5B*



The Lake Erie Millennium Network is a series of events dealing with Lake Erie environmental issues. It is a cooperative approach, benefiting from the expertise and concerns of the public, regulatory agencies and the academic community.

Our goal is to define and understand Lake Erie's most pressing problems, propose solutions, and track the changes.

The Lake Erie Millennium Plan (LEMP), was initiated in 1998 by scientists at the University of Windsor, National Water Research Institute - Burlington, F.T. Stone Lab of Ohio State University, and US-EPA Large Lakes Lab at Grosse Ile, MI, to foster and coordinate research that will identify and solve basic ecological questions relevant to the Lake Erie Ecosystem through a binational, collaborative network.

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